About Us

Kent Katı Atık Yönetimi Temizlik İnşaat Petrol Limited Şirketi (Kent Solid Waste Management Cleaning Construction Petroleum Limited Company) has been offering services in the sector since the day of its foundation with the awareness that the environment is the common responsibility of whole humanity. As one of the leading companies in the sector, Kent Solid Waste Management company has a strong team that consists of experts in environmental subjects that have huge effects to ensure successful municipality examples. Kent Solid Waste Management company has the justified pride of having been offering successful services to you since the day of its foundation thanks to its expert personnel.

The amount of wastes are quickly accumulating in parallel with the quickly increasing world population. The whole world works with great effort to ensure these wastes do not cause permanent pollution so that the natural environment can be preserved. New technologies are being developed to ensure the humanity can live in a much more healthier environment today and in the future.

The cleaning services are gaining a systematical structure with the technical personnel and data accumulation. The environment is among the subjects with highest priorities, as it should be.
Having been founded by an expert team with local management experiences who closely analyzed various environmental issues, our company operates in the following fields:

* The collection, transportation and disposal of solid wastes,
* Sweeping and washing the streets and marketplace locations manually or by using machineries,
* Lifting and transportation of debris and excavations,
* Collection of medical wastes and transportation to disposal facilities,
* Container procurement, repair and maintenance
* Disinfection
* Solid waste storage and disposal facility construction works
* Park and garden arrangements and maintenance works.