Our Vision

With the aim of becoming the leader of the sector with its brand, Kent Katı Atık Yönetimi Temizlik İnşaat Petrol Limited Şirketi (Kent Solid Waste Management Cleaning Construction Petroleum Limited Company) adopted it as a principle to maximize the customer satisfaction with its professional team and state-of-the-art equipments to achieve this goal. Kent Solid Waste Management company operates with the motto of “Clean cities are the foundation of the civilization” by offering high quality services and its goal is to ensure that the next generation can inherit preserved nature and clean environment with happy people. “To become an international company that leads and directs the sectors in which it operates by offering reliable, environmentally-friendly, innovative and technological products & services thanks to its strong corporate infrastructure.”

In scope of this vision, we work with great effort to:

1- Closely follow the latest know-how and technological developments to maximize benefits,
2- Become a company that is sought after and desired by the potential customers thanks to its great services,
3- Closely follow the events around the globe and contribute added value to the economy,
4- Internalize and adapt to the cultures and core values of the regions in which we offer services by meticulously respecting the universal values,
5- Represent the “Evra Group” identity that has become a whole together with its entrepreneurs, managers, employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders,
6- Create solutions to preserve the ecological balance to ensure the existence of an environment in which we can live,
7- Offer fast, high quality and regional solutions for solid waste management, construction and other fields,
8- Contribute to the realization of the international environment protection agreements together with the social and economic dimensions,
9- Have an active role in the development and progress of the sector in which it operates, by creating synergy based on cooperation with all of the stakeholders.