Our Mission

Having placed great importance on values such as the happiness of people and the customer satisfaction, Kent Solid Waste Management company adopted it as a principle to clean and preserve the environments, which are entrusted to the company, by making use of all of the current possibilities. Our environment-oriented and people-oriented work philosophy is to offer products and services suitable for our customers according to the international standards and corporate principles in scope of our service understanding that is based on quality and technology.

These are our strategies to achieve this mission:

1- To create a measurable, effective, active and continuously developed “Corporate Memory” in scope of which the regional and customer-based statistics can be tracked during the operations and to benefit from this system in the best way that is possible.
2- To carry out research and development activities to develop each process stage in addition to carrying out each of our activities based on our understanding of total quality.
3- To closely follow the international conditions to compete in addition to the newly developing technologies, standards, environmental negotiations and agreements and to carry out studies to make changes in such fields in scope of our application plans whenever necessary, as required by being an international group.
4- To preserve our national culture and core national values while respecting cultural differences and adapting to them. 
5- To support and directly organize the educational and social activities to raise the social awareness level about the responsibilities of individuals and institutions to manage the solid wastes.
6- To support every kind of vocational and personal development of its employees to improve their skills and knowledge to always have qualified work force and to take the required occupational health and security precautions with “people first” approach.